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Benefits of Ice Baths

What do Ice Baths do?

It is a type of therapy that focuses on the use of cold to promote health benefits. Cold is primarily used to reduce inflammation/swelling and relieve pain.

This can be achieved by providing the cold locally (eg. via an ice pack) or in a general environment (eg. a cold pool). The Ice bath helps achieve both.

Now more than ever, Ice Baths are playing a huge role in the increased performance of peak performers, elite athletes and biohackers.

The top 10 benefits of Ice Baths:

1.) Improves arthritic symptoms:

Chronic arthritis can be caused by the body overproducing cytotoxic cells, by applying cold and reducing circulation to the area, you also slow the delivery of those toxic cells.

2.) Promotes healthy aging:

It increases the production of collagen within the body which keeps the skin firm and elastic.

3.) Helps burn fat in unwanted areas:

Cold therapy has been proven to help reduce subcutaneous fat in areas such as the abdomen, neck, thighs, hips and face.

4.) Relieves symptoms of anxiety and depression:

Cold stimulates the release of endorphins which help a person to feel better and reduce their cortisol levels.

5.) Improves quality of sleep and reduces insomnia (When conducted before bed):

The biggest obstacle to falling asleep is often a body temperature that is too high, so lowering it can reduce the waiting time dramatically.

6.) Reduce the appearance of blemishes:

It helps to remove acne, lighten dark spots and can reduce redness (due to sunburn).

7.) Reduces the effect of migraines/headaches:

If cold is applied to the neck, it helps vasodilate(constrict) the blood vessels that travel to the brain (carotid arteries) which relieves the pressure from it.

8.) Numbs nerve irritation:

If one is having a neurological issue that is causing consistent pain, cold can be used to numb the effect.

9.) Prevents cancer formation:

It can reduce the size of low-risk cancer tumors before they can become a problem.

10.) Can help prevent neurodegenerative disease:

Cold therapy induces cellular repair and protection from free radicals.

How can I maximise my Ice Bath performance gains?

Want to take your gains to the next level?

Infrared Saunas are the perfect way to initiate a technique called hot and cold therapy which helps enable the heat-shock proteins within the body.

This technique is used by elite athletes such as Rafael Nadal and Christiano Ronaldo.